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Our Car Magnets Are Made from the Best  Materials We Can Find and We Always Use  “US Made” Product When Possible ”

We Have over 20 Years Experience.. A Proven Track Record... If Quality Matters

To you and your company, then our car magnets are the only choice!.

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Full Color Car Magnets

Size: 12" x 24" . Any Color, any picture, high quality material, UV Weatherproof resistance, (Solvent printed up to 720 DPI, 0.030 in. thick made white vinyl magnetic sheet)

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Simple One Color Car Magnets

Size: 12" x 18" . Any 1-Color, UV Weatherproof resistance,  0.030 in

Thick magnetic material

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Design Your Own Magnets

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Where America Shops for Quality Magnetic Signs for Cars and Trucks.

Our Magnetic Car signs are made of permanent flexible magnetic sheeting;  manufactured to satisfy The requirements of our customers.

Magnetic signs are made of flexible magnetic materials that provide excellent material for removable and re useable sign applications.

Magnetization not just Anyone?
We Choose Magnum Magnetics!  Manufacturers of
 state-of-the-art, multi-pole magnetic sheeting “Made in the USA”
The magnetic sheet provides optimal holding power for 
affixing signs to painted or coated metallic surfaces.
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